Technology Planning for Health Sciences Librarians

Sunday, April 30, 2006

JMLA Semantic Web Article

This is interesting, with so much focus on Web 2.0 out there it is easy to forget about the Semantic Web. JMLA provides a good background article in An introduction to the Semantic Web for health sciences librarians. What I'd like to see is more of is examples of people using the Semantic Web. For me, the strength of Web 2.o is seeing all of the cool examples.

Why Blog Why

Several months ago Wallace asked me to help him teach his Technology Planning course. Since then we communicate periodically about the course but in the meantime we email each other links to interesting articles as we come across them. While working on my part of the course I thought that a blog would serve as a great container to house these links. This way we can open it up to any participants in the course. So if you are reading this we hope you find it useful and more importantly we hope you participate.